Sunday, November 14

The First Lady!!!

Helen Hayes!!!!!
Wiki this wench.

Did you read it? Did you?
Yes, she was given the title:
"The First Lady of the American Theatre"
And you wonder why?
I also wonder the same... but I can along attest to what I've researched on her.
This b*tch is interesting!!!!

She started working at age 5.
She stopped acting at age 85.

Can you believe that???
I can only hope to be that lucky. But I started acting at a late age. Humph!

"A Farewell to Arms" film.
I am in awe of this movie. I love it. It's one of my favourite old movies.
Helen acted the role of CATHERINE BARKLEY.
Haven't seen it? RENT IT!!!
She's dazzling.

She played the GRAND DUCHESS in one of my other favourite old movies, ANASTASIA.
Ingrid Berman, Yul Brenner, and Helen Hayes.

Anastasia scene.
If you don't start crying from joy and longing at the end of this scene, you have no heart.

Can it get any better???

This wench won a TONY, an OSCAR, an EMMY and a GRAMMY!!!!
Can you believe that?????
4 AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you name any actors now who can say that they've done that?
MERYL probably could. I <3 you, Meryl.
J.Lo wishes... I'd keep wishing if I were her...

Again... I ask you... Can it get any better?

This lady has her own damn theatre in NYC!!!
" 1955... the former Fulton Theatre on 46th Street in New York City's Broadway theater district was renamed the Helen Hayes Theatre. When that venue was torn down in 1982 (along with five other neighboring theaters), the operators of the Little Theatre, another standing theater two blocks away on 44th Street, renamed that house in her name, which it has retained ever since." *wiki note.

I just love this quote of hers:
"If you rest, you rust."
She was 60 when she said it.
I agree, Helen.
I agree!

Tuesday, November 9

Why. Don't. You. Do. Your. Job???

YO! 3rd construction dude.
You need to let go of my hand.
Our handshake is done. It was nice to meet you, but NOT that nice.
No really... I have a knife in my other hand.

YO! 3rd construction dude.
You need to stop commenting on the pictures that I have in my apartment of my friends and family. You should be looking at my floors. They're the ones that need your attention, aka it's your job to look at them.

YO! 3rd construction dude.
You need to not be talking to me as I do work in my living room.
Aren't you supposed to be doing something?
You construct. I stay out of your way. That's the deal. Got it? Good.

YO! 3rd construction dude.

Yes, I've seen that you have a Gold tooth on your left lateral incisor.
Do I want to see it again? NO!
I'm not being nice to you. I'm being civil. There's a difference.

YO! 3rd construction dude.
Your other 2 compatriots leave me the hell alone.
Why? Because they know better.
Why don't you?

YO! 3rd construction dude.
NO! I will not give you my phone number.
Yes, I can see that you're holding one of my business cards in your hand.
Give it back and don't touch my stuff again. You were probably gonna steal one anyway and leave me dirty voicemails, but since you asked.. again, my answer is still NO.
Why don't I want to give it to you?
Must I stab you further with my glares?
I wish that medieval devices of torture would spurt from eyes whenever you speak.

YO! 3rd construction dude.

Don't come up to me after you've seen my guest room and ask me if I have a kid.
NO! You nosy bastard. I don't.
But if I did... I wouldn't let him/her near you.

YO! 3rd construction dude.

I really don't want you to come back with your boss to finish the last bit of work.
Your ship has sailed and I never want it to come back.