Monday, June 7

JUNE's Feisty Actress

There are few people that if I met them I might actually go SPEECHLESS, but this Bitch is one.

This photo is from the OLD VIC, which will have specific importance later.

Juliet, in Romeo & Juliet.

Can you not already see that this woman
had a lot to give??

Check out that PLUNGING neckline!!!!!!!!

She loves to show the
jubblies at any age.
(A woman after my own heart. SHOW YO' ASSETS, GIRL!)

This CLEOPATRA has some obvious moxy and brains.
Far more than this not-so-obvious HOT MESS.

Fine... no more beating around the bush!

DAME JUDI DENCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you handle it?
Look at that mischievous smile.
She could be cold or ready to flash you.

Wiki her, motherf*ckers!

The woman is absolutely brilliant.

Like... WOAH, bitches!!

I would kill to have the career she's had, and is still having.
She's older than DIRT, for Pete's Sake.
And DAMN, she looks good!
She must be part Black, because the woman's face may have wrinkles, but she doesn't look like the CRYPT KEEPER, aka Kate Bosworth.

As I mentioned in an earlier post... Have you seen this movie??


Believe me, you need to see it.
It has two of my favourite people. This month's FEISTY ACTRESS, and Queen Elizabeth I. No, sorry, Dame Judi... I know you've played the part too. And you got an Oscar to prove it. (Bitch!) Don't you think you've had enough accolades for today????

Where would JAMES BOND be without her?

Not you, hairy! Mmm.. yeah... you, blue eyes.

Wouldn't everyone like to yell at Keira Knightley in a fabulous wig??

And dance in a horrible brown wig with Daniel Day Lewis in the worst movie make of a musical??

Bitch! We need to talk. I wanna be you.

Catch up with me...

Hello bitches!
I've been gone for a LONG time.

I don't apologize because I've actually had stuff to do.

Here's a BUS. GET ON IT.

Let me take you through what's been going on (in my brain)...

MANY POSTS to come.

Are you ready?

I think you are.