Tuesday, August 30


Damn!!! This weekend was boring.
I painted my toes 4 times.
Yes, 4 times!
My 2 grandmothers combined could've caused more HYPE & destruction than this hurricane in NYC.
Mind you... I have North Carolina and the Bahamas in my thoughts. They were slammed and do not wish their fate on NYC.

I do have a few things to say about this whole weeekend.

F. U. Irene.
F. U. MTA for not being gangsta enough! I had places to be.

F.U. Weather.com and Weather Channel in extension.
You scared all of us into a stupor!
F.U. crazy Upper East Siders!!
You all made supermarkets unapproachable with your organic food needs. Seriously?? You need 3 boxes of organic juice during a possible crisis??
F.U. television.
(I don't even have cable, and yet I know that t
here was nothing on TV.)
F.U. everyone who kept saying on Facebook
that we were all gonna die.
Honestly... if we're all gonna die, the last thing I want to read
on my social network is your call of distress.
F.U. Religionists.
(do you want me to go there? 'cuz I will... nah! you don't want it.)

Have a nice day!