Wednesday, September 1

Being LATE...

Ok... For those who don't know me, I am timely.

By timely, I mean... I am always on time.

Usually, that means that I'm early by 10 minutes to half an hour.

I have actually been known to get to a destination an hour before so that I can arrive sheepishly at the appointed moment to say that I got there just then.

But here me fellow blog-ites... blog-people... blog-whosamawhatsits...

The other day I was late by a few minutes to my own rehearsal.

This is ridiculously AWFUL!!!!

If I were my director, I would've been shooting darts of HORRIBLE into my feet for not having gotten me there faster.

I went home after rehearsal admonishing myself for having done this.
But half way home, I thought about how many people come LATE and don't even care.



Stop sleeping late.
Stop painting your nails.
Stop having sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
If you need to be somewhere... GET THERE.


Someone like me is probably waiting for you to arrive.

Next time...

Especially you people who are having sex...

I'll show you late.