Friday, August 13

A Letter to a Peeping Tom

Dear Mr. Tom;

Hello there! Though I do not actually know your name, let me introduce myself: My name is FEISTY ACTRESS. I live in the ground floor apartment of a brownstone building on 119th street. My bedroom window faces my backyard, which is separated from your building, coincidentally, with a fence. You seem to have the window on the 2nd floor of your building on the extreme left corner. Usually when I look out of my window at my backyard, I see your window. Usually a teddy bear sits at the window, smiling through his sewn face that the day will be sunny and bright, which it usually is.

At night, however, that teddy takes on a new shape.

OH! It's you!

HA! you scared me.

All of the lights in your apartment are off except for one odd blue light like in the David Lynch film, BLUE VELVET.

I had no idea that you liked to sit at your window.

WOW! You must love to look at the night environment.

OH! Look! You have binoculars. And you do not seem to be looking at the sky. Hmmm...

Though I am just sitting at my desk typing on my computer emails of no significant importance, you seem to want to take an interest in what I'm doing in my apartment, because you are looking straight at me.


OH! Look your right hand seems to be moving in a very jerky motion.


WAIT! Are you doing what I think you're doing?

OH MY! Well... that just won't do.


Yes, I took a picture of your window during the day.

And don't think I won't take a flash photo of you in the window tonight if I catchu again.

You wanna pop your socks off??? I'm flattered.... really...

But I am not CHEAP entertainment. They have websites for that.

That's really all I had to say. Have a great day!!

And have a good night... see you later?

Sincerely, and most fondly,

Feisty Actress