Monday, July 19


It's the TUMBLE WEAVE!!!!!!!!

Holy sh*t, people!
I walked out of my apartment to check my mail...
This is what I see walking down the street with me.
I was so scared that I actually screamed.
I thought it was an animal with rabies, coming to attack me!

As one of the few African American women who has natural hair, I feel I bit sheepish in asking...

Why do you put that sh*t in yo hay-ya (aka hair)??
Especially in the summer!?

Don't you feel like you're putting a sweater on your head?
It's hot outside. At least 89 degrees.
There's hardly any breeze, and yet you all are walking down the streets with Rapunzel manes.

Even when I did put the creamy CRACK on my head, I didn't put a weave in it.
I was never unbe-WEAVE-able. I didn't see the point.

What is the obsession???

Hair grows. You want long hair? Let it grow. Take some vitamins.
You want straight hair? Get a straightener and work it out.

I just watched Chris Rock's documentary, "GOOD HAIR".
And I don't know how I felt about it. BUT... I do know that after finding out how much a weave costs that I would rather put a down payment on a car than on some fake hair that could be rollin' down the street next to me.

Do not follow in the footsteps of the QUEEN of WEAVE.