Wednesday, March 7

Body Pride #2



When I was at least 8 years old, my dad taught me how to defend myself against an attacker.

And it definitely involved AN ELBOW to the face.

Honestly... Elbows are some of the oddest things in the world.
And inevitably, I always end up staring at them.

They're weird.

They bend.
There's extra skin.
And that extra skin folds up in a nasty, wrinkled, hairless cat sort of way.

When you hit them in just the right spot, it hurts like THE DICKENS.

Btw... what the HELL does that mean: "THE DICKENS"???
Did Charles Dickens do anything to offend anyone so much that when "THE DICKENS" happens, everyone thinks it's the worst thing? What did he do?

But honestly... Miss Havisham probably had some wrinkly elbows.

My mom always told me to not put them on the table when I was eating.
I listened.

As a Black woman, I constantly have to rub lotion on them, so I don't get the ugly GREY ASHY look.

Also, I noticed recently that I tend to wear my long sleeved sweaters rolled up past my elbows. What's that about?? I guess I'm proud of them.

Yeah... ELBOW.
Throwin' them bows, indeed, Luda. Thank you!